Free Batesville Funeral Home Websites: Does Batesville own your marketing?

What an amazing offer: A FREE Batesville funeral home website. Now, we ALL know Haylo can’t GIVE away a free funeral home website design and neither can Batesville.

About The Author

Our team consists of one of the most advanced marketing experts in the death care industry, Tom Bates, CSE. He has developed an amazing team of developers, programmers, content creatives and with more than 20 years in the death-care and marketing industry, there is no other. Your funeral home marketing could not be in better hands.

To say Batesville is building YOU or other funeral homes a free website, is simply not correct. Batesville develops technology for them to SHARE “for a fee” websites that Batesville owns and is a SAAS (system as a service). The funeral homes own nothing except the obituaries data. Yes you pay Batesville to basically RENT SPACE on their platform and you own nothing.

This is not a bashing of Batesville, but rather a little deeper dive into what you are either currently doing with Batesville or considering for your funeral home website needs.

Why Do Funeral Homes Need A Website?

So, why do funeral homes need a website? All local service providers need their own online marketing tools, and your website should be your best foot forward. That best foot forward should NOT violate the published best practices of the largest search engine on the planet. In fact, should do just the opposite. Your funeral home should shine online. There is a rather large trend with the medium to large funeral home marketing vendors that is rather concerning to us. folks are selling out and leaving good folks to fend for themselves with the new owners who have one goal in mind ( reduce cost and turn numbers). This leaves for what we consider sloppy work that is not only CANNED PROMOTION but in most cases harmful to the future of a funeral homes website or social media. The duplicate text below does not qualify for a PENALTY with GOOGLE. It DOES reduce the relevance of value and will suppress your rankings. Here is an example of Batesville websites using the same content, images and code for multiple websites found by Google.

This isn’t to say, we can’t fix the Batesville website you’re using now, because we likely can. In fact, one example of a Chicago funeral home website we adjusted went from page 55 to page 1 in just a few days from some simple creative adjustments in the code and content. If the technology of Batesville was more user friendly or their tech team would be more supportive there would be many examples of page one placement for the same website.

Batesville Funeral Homes Floral and Retail Sales Shares

You likely know more on this subject than others. “Your Batesville funeral home website likely has a portal for families to shop caskets, urns and many other products” that Batesville sells, and you get a cut from each sale.” Great, right? or is it…. One would think that with a shared commission on sales, the technology would offer more advanced features to promote your funeral homes website. It seems clear that the large funeral home marketing firms are interested in volumes not a personal relationship to any one funeral home’s success.

This is the first in a series of reviews of the LARGE funeral home marketing firms that simply need to do BETTER.


Our owner and CEO will personally conduct the audit and share at no cost to you what can and likely should be done to exceed your expectation online.